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The Amulet of the Smithsonians

“Alex,are you sure about this? Don’t you think it’s getting kind of late?” said a worried Kevin.
“Come on Kevin. It’s only like 6 pm stop being a wuss.You just turned 17 last month, the last time you even had a curfew was when you were 12 anways. Besides, i’m getting that feeling again.” said Alex
“Aw man, not with this whole “feeling” nonsense again.” replied Kevin
“I swear man, something inside me is telling me that I need to go inside. I can’t explain it i’m sorry, but can we at least go look at the place? It’s been like this for a month now.” said Alex
“Alright fine, if it will finally make you shut up about this “feeling” talk.” said Kevin

And that is where it all started. Hi, my name is Alex and I guess you could call this my diary. I wouldn’t call it a “diary” though since it sounds pretty feminine and girly. Let’s just call it my journal shall we? Alright with that very important business out of the way, let’s begin on to the real stuff. First let’s talk about why i’m even writing in a journal of all things anyways. I mean its 2017 for pete sake, you think I would be using at least a tablet or a smartphone or some other electronic doodad right? Yeah that’s what I thought too, but I chose to go old school since it was more meaningful that way. Also a little important note, at the location where i’m currently writing this, electronics as a whole, doesn’t work, in fact it never existed in the first place here, but more on that later. Let’s move on to the actual story shall we?

So I guess I should probably explain who this overly worried wuss is and what i’m doing outside with him at 6 pm. That overly worried wuss is Kevin. He’s my best friend. I know shocking right? Despite his scaredy cat nature, and admittedly less than attractive looks, he’s a very trustworthy and reliable friend. You could count him on him to do anything… well maybe not anything, but most things for sure. Besides, he’s the only person I know of that would be crazy enough to go with me on this journey. Alright so now you know a little bit about Kevin, let’s continue on to what we were actually doing.

We were trying to break into an abandoned warehouse in our local town. I couldn’t really give you a reason for why we were doing this at the time besides, me just having a nagging feeling in my brain that I needed to check out the place. So to finally appease this feeling, I set out to the abandoned warehouse. I surprisingly managed to persuade Kevin to help me scout the place out. We situated ourselves across the street behind some bushes and trees.

The warehouse itself looked pretty big despite it being abandoned. It was the size of a Super Walmart almost. It was situated by itself which I found pretty odd, but shrugged it off since it the building was abandoned anyways. It had some broken windows and varying sizes of holes in its walls. There was a parking lot in front of it with an old and rusted mini-van and pickup truck. The vehicles looked though as if they haven’t been working in years. I pulled out some binoculars that I had in backpack. I thought they would come in handy and turns out, I was right. I aimed them at the front entrance of the building. There were two pretty big wooden doors that acted as the main entrance into the place. I zoomed in closer at them to find out that the door handles were chained together and held in place with a padlock. I zoomed out again and tried to see if there was another entry way I missed the first time, but had no luck.

“Hey Kevin, you got your lock picks on you?” said Alex
“Yeah, but why?” replied Kevin
“I think our only way into that place is if you can pick the lock on the front entrance.” said Alex
“What, man that’s like considered trespassing isn’t it? What if we get caught by someone? You only said we were going to look at the place didn’t you?” said Kevin
“Oh my god Kevin, can you please get a grip. This place is abandoned in the first place! No one is going to care if we explored around a bit. Besides why do you even carry that pouch of lock picks if you aren’t even going to use it?” said Alex
“I’ve told you a million times that the only reason why I carry this pouch of lock picks is so I can get into my locker at school and my house if I somehow forgot the keys for them alright? I’m not some sort of criminal.” said Kevin
“And nobody ever said you were one. I’m just asking you, just this once, can you please see if you can get that lock to open so that we can enter the place?” said Alex
“Fine, i’ll see what I can do. But, only just this once.” reluctantly said Kevin
“Thanks a lot man.” said Alex

So we made our way, across the street in a pretty quick fashion to avoid getting seen by any unexpected people. We hid behind the mini-van and did one last perimeter check to make sure the coast was clear and we weren’t being watched. Then we walked our way to the front entrance.

“So, does it look like one you would be able to crack?” asked Alex
“Yea, the rust might cause an issue or two, but i’m pretty sure I can get this puppy open in no time.” replied Kevin
“Alright sick, do your thing man. I’ll keep an eye out just in case.” said Alex

After a few minutes, Kevin picked the lock open.

“Got it.” proudly said Kevin
“Sweet man! I don’t know how you do it, but you’re the best man.” said Alex
“Yeah yeah, let’s just get this over with before someone sees us okay?” said Kevin
“Yeah good point.” said Alex

We opened one of the doors. It was letting out a huge creak while we pushed it open so we had to do it pretty slowly to avoid the noise. Once there was a entry big enough for us to fit through, we entered the warehouse. We close the front entrance so that it wouldn’t be obvious that someone had entered into the building. We turned around to gaze at the inside of the warehouse. It’s looks on the outside weren’t deceiving as the place was huge. There were seemingly countless rows of really tall shelves with various sizes of boxes within them. The whole place was was dirty and dusty, but that was a given since it was abandoned.

“Man look at all these boxes. You think there’s anything inside them?” said Alex
“Isn’t that considered stealing?” said Kevin
“Kevin, this place is abandoned. It’s like a lost and found type of deal you know?” said Alex
“I mean. I guess.” said Kevin
“Alright. then stop standing around and help me look through these boxes.” said Alex

We proceeded to rummage through the boxes. We found a few knick knacks that we thought were pretty cool. I found a cool looking christmas snow globe that was from 1997. Kevin found a pack of pokemon cards that were supposed to be first edition or something. I never really got into card games as a kid, and I didn’t even really like the show that much to be honest. It seems though as if the main character will never seem to accomplish his goal of becoming a master pokemon trainer due to the creators always releasing a whole bunch of new tv series that are just a little different from the last one and don’t show any progression with the story. But, to someone like Kevin, I guess finding anything pokemon related for free is an amazing thing.As we continued to look around the place, the nagging feeling that I was talking about in the beginning was developing into a migraine at this point. I tried to shrug it off but, it continued to get worse and worse as we explored deeper into the warehouse. I also couldn’t shake off the feeling that we were being watched by someone. I tried to keep my mind at ease by telling myself that this place was abandoned and nobody would ever come in here.

“Yo Kevin, you find anything else that’s interesting?” said Alex

Kevin popped out one of the aisles wearing a funny looking hat.

“Yo what is that you’re wearing man?” jokingly said Alex
“It’s a blue santa hat bro. Name one time you ever seen a blue santa hat dude.” responded Kevin
“Haha you got me. I never seen a blue one like that before.” said Alex
“My point exactly. What about you though? You find something?” asked Kevin
“Not much besides the snow globe. I found this pretty cool looking pocket watch though. Doesn’t seem to be working, but the design on it is pretty sick.” replied Alex

Then suddenly we heard a noise behind one of the boxes on the floor that was near Kevin. We instantly focused on where on the area where the noise came from. We both didn’t say a word. Then we looked at each other for ideas on what to do.

“Stay there. I’ll try to sneak around and then we’ll both peek into the alleyway at the same time. Got it?” whispered Alex

Kevin nodded. I tiptoed around the various boxes I put on the floor and I made my way to the corner of one of the shelves that was directly next to the area where the sound was made. Kevin was visibly shaking like a vibrator at this point which was hilarious, but I had to focus.

“Alright, wait until I say when to peak alright.” said Alex

Kevin nodded again. I gestured with my fingers counted down from three. Three, two, one.

“Now Kevin!” yelled Alex

We both peaked into the alleyway expecting to find some sort of rodent. If you had Kevin at the time, he would probably say that is exactly what we found. But if you had asked me, I say we just found a cute and fluffy cat that was wandering around.

“Ew! It’s a rodent!” exclaimed Kevin
“Haha calm down dude it’s just a stray cat.” responded Alex

The cat look frightened. Most likely because it saw Kevin’s face. It tried to hide itself inside a box that was on the floor. I tried to walk up to it and comfort it. I got down low and walked up slowly to it, while at the same time blinking my eyes for a few seconds every so often to make sure the cat knew I wasn’t going to harm it. I got pretty close to the cat by now. I crouched down all the way and help out my hand for the cat to sniff.

“Ugh man, what are you doing? You don’t know where that cat has been. What if it bites you? What if it has rabies?” questioned Kevin
“Calm down man, it’s just a cute cat. It doesn’t mean no harm.” said Alex
“That’s what you think. Don’t come running to me when it bites you and gives you rabies.” said Kevin
“As if you would do that you super cute fluff ball” said Alex in his cute cat voice

At this point the cat seemed to be comfortable with my presence and proceeded to sniff my hand, while I was egging it on with my gentle cat voice. After a few minutes, it allowed me to pet it.

“Aw look at you. You’re not some rodent are you? You’re just a cute kitty cat. Yes you are. Yes you are.” said Alex as if he were a mother talking to her newborn child

The cat at this point let me pick it up in my arms. This allowed me to get a better look at its appearance since the light shone on it better. It looked like an adult cat. It also was a pretty interesting looking cat. None that I’ve ever seen of. It’s fur had a pattern that was very similar to a zebra almost. It had the same colors too. Black and white stripes. It also had a pair of light blue eyes. It reminded me almost of a miniature white tiger actually. I was pretty clear that this was one of the coolest cats i’ve ever laid my eyes upon. The cat was reassuringly purring now which made my day to be honest. I love cats. It made me forget about my migraine for a while actually.

“Kevin you wanna come pet this little guy? He won’t bite.” asked Alex
“No thanks i’m good. I’d rather not risk a chance of getting some sort of disease or fleas from it thank you very much.” replied Kevin
“Come on man. How could you possibly not find this little guy the cutest thing on earth right now? Yes you. You’re the cutest thing on earth right now. Yes you.” said Alex while cradling the cat like a baby
“Can you please stop with that already? You’re going to make me sick.” said Kevin
“Man I can’t help it. This little guy is too cute for my own good. Hey you got any ideas of what to name it?” asked Alex
“Name it? What is it going to be your pet now?” questioned Kevin
“Of course it is man. I mean look at this little furball. It would be a crime not to take make it my pet now.” said Alex
“Whatever you say man. But, you’re the one who has to look after it okay? I don’t want any part of that. Besides do you even know if it’s a male or female?” replied Kevin
“Hm good question. I don’t really know how to check that to be honest. Let’s just assume it’s a boy for now and name him Taz because he reminds me of a white tiger.” said Alex
“Yeah and it probably acts like one too once you turn your back to it.” scoffed Kevin

At this point, I was almost to engrossed with cuddling Taz to hear the sound of a car being parked outside the front entrance. Almost.

“Alex you hear that? Sounds like someone’s here.” whispered by an alert Kevin
“Yeah, quick hide behind those boxes over there!” replied Alex

We hurriedly made our way to the side of the building while trying to make the least amount of noise as possible. We finally made it to one the pallets that had a tower boxes on it stacked against the wall. There was enough room between the boxes and the wall for us to squeeze in hide in between. I of course still had Taz cradled in my arms of course. Taz also seemed to sense that there were other people in the area since his ears were perked up.

“Why would anyone come in here? I thought this place was abandoned.” whispered Alex
“As if I knew the answer. Man I told you coming here was a bad idea. Now who knows what they’ll do to us if they find us. Whoever they are.” whispered Kevin
“It’s alright try to keep your cool. We’ll make it out of here. We got in here. We can get out.” whispered Alex

The intruders were at the front doors now. You could hear the chain being wiggled and some words being spoken, but it was too quiet to hear what was being said. Finally the front doors were opened abruptly. I could make out the silhouettes of three people. They stood in a line observing the place. The two on the sides were men. The one in the middle was a woman. They looked like some sort of FBI agents with their black suits and sunglasses. Picture Men In Black style of clothing. The two men easily looked above 6 ft and buff.  The woman on the other hand seemed like she was 5’2 and was rather small compared to her two partners in crime. The woman finally gestured and issued what seemed like a command. I couldn’t make out the words she used because it sounded like she was using a language that was not from this world. It sound like a bunch clicks and roars to be honest. Anyway, you can be sure it freaked the pants off of Kevin. Not literally of course. Now that would be freaky. After the woman spoke, the two men began to search the area very vigorously. They took one peak in some box and flung it across the place. It was clear that they were looking for something. As if my situation could get any worse, my migraine kick back into high gear. It was making it awfully hard to focus on the situation. I took a quick glance to see how Kevin was holding up. He looked like he was about to puke. I told him to let me worry about the intruders and he should just focus on being as quiet as possible. I don’t mean to make it seem like i’m some super brave warrior or anything. In reality, I was just as freaked out as Kevin was, but I had to focus on keeping my cool to comfort Kevin. I was trying to come up with some sort of escape plan. Maybe we could throw something to distract the intruders and make a break for it. I couldn’t see another way out from our hiding place, besides the front entrance. While I kept scratching my head trying to formulate an escape route, the intruders were half way through the warehouse by now and still kept going. The woman was also having her fair share of violent seeking. She seemed just as strong as the men were interestingly. She managed to pick up a full box of snow globes, which I imagine to be at least 100 pounds,  and throw it over her shoulder like it was nothing. The intruders were pretty close to the end of the warehouse by now. However, they weren’t grouped together. One of the men was still close to us while the other was just a few aisles down. This put a dent into any hope of escape at this moment. However, finally the woman who was near the back wall of the warehouse shouted and held something up in her hand. As soon as I laid my eyes on the object, my migraine evolved to as if someone was splitting my head open with an axe. This was too much for me to handle and as a result, I fell unconscious.

When I came to, I found that I was strapped down to a chair. I looked to my side and found Kevin in the same predicament knocked out cold. I don’t know where Taz when, but I hoped he managed to escape at least. The three intruders were in front us, with their backs towards us. It seemed they were having a conversation in their own language. Probably on how to best torture Kevin and I or something of that nature. One of the men noticed I was awake and notified the woman. The woman turned around. A devilish smile appeared on her face as she looked at me. She bowed down until she her face was within of an inch of mine.

“What is your name human?” asked the woman

At first, I was shocked that the woman was capable of speaking English. After a few seconds she pulled out what seemed like a dagger and held it against my throat. She repeated the question again in a more vigorous tone.

“Uh, Alex. It’s Alex Smith!” stammered Alex
“So Alex, what were you doing here of all places?” asked the woman
“Nothing! I wasn’t doing anything! I only came explore the place I swear!” replied Alex
“Oh really? You sure you weren’t looking for this?” said the woman

She pulled out the object out her pocket from before and showed it to me. It instantly gave me the same splitting pain it gave me the first time when I saw it.

“Aghh! Ugh! No I swear I wasn’t looking for that! I don’t even know what it is! Please put it away! Aghhh!” exclaimed Alex
“I don’t think you’re telling me the whole truth Mr.Smith.” replied the woman

The woman held the dagger closer to my throat so that if I even swallowed, my throat would have made contact with the blade. At this point, I was about to pass out once again and probably die along with Kevin. Or so I thought.

“I sense others are here Master!” exclaimed one of the men

As soon as he said that, an arrow lodged him through the chest. Another got the other man in the back. Another was aimed at the woman but she dodged it just in time and let just graze my cheek hairs on my face. I had to count my lucky stars for that one.

“Find them!” the woman exclaimed

The two men now were morphing into devilish creatures. The true size of their bodies made their suits burst into shreds. They looked like oversized red goblins. They tore out the arrows from their bodies and made a blood curdling roar. However the arrows kept coming from all directions seemingly. One got one of the goblins in the shoulder. Another went for the other’s leg. Then suddenly a barrage of arrows came down upon the two goblins. They held out their arms in a desperate attempt to shield themselves from the arrows, it was no use.

“Aghh! Forgive us Master!” shrieked one of the Goblins

It seemed as the though the both the goblins were down for the count.

“Ugh! You useless mongrels!” yelled the woman

The woman now began her transformation. She morphed into a sort of creature that seemed similar to a harpy. She then used her wings to to gain some elevation and do a sweep of the place.

“Show yourselves you cowards!” shrieked the Harpy

One of the archers stepped out from the shadows onto one of the steel beams on the ceiling.

“Nice of you to finally to show your true self Zarya.” said the Archer mockingly
“I should I have known it was you from the start Crystal! You always were a coward when it came to battles.” replied Zarya

Crystal was a woman with tan skin. She was wearing a Robin Hood style get up except pretty much all dark red and black for the color scheme. She had a hood which covered most of her face besides her mouth and chin. Her eyes had a piercing white color to them. She also had a pretty long cloak that flew freely behind her. She had a quiver on her back with dozens of arrows. She had her bow ready and arched with an arrow aimed towards Zarya while they talking.

“I would rather prefer the term smart or calculated. I choose to strategize and think about my battles rather than just rushing in with brute force like an ugly troll. I can’t say the same for you it seems.” replied Crystal
“Enough talk you coward! Let’s see how you do in an actual fight!” exclaimed Zarya

Zarya lunged at Crystal with her claws, but Crystal managed to dodge her by front flipping off the steel beam over Zarya. On the fall down, Crystal launched an arrow that managed to hit Zarya in her left wing. This caused her to lose control of her flight and ram her head against the steel beam and fall to the floor. Crystal landed besides me and and the still unconscious Kevin and took a glance at me and nodded reassuringly. She then focused her attention back to Zaraya who was struggling to get up from the floor.

“It’s no use Zarya. I got you with one of  my paralyzing arrows. You’re done for.” said Crystal
“You think you can defeat me with one measly arrow? I’ll show you!” replied Zarya

Zarya made one last attempt to lunge at Crystal who nimbly avoid it by stepping to the side and kicking out of Zarya’s legs in the process. This made Zarya hit the cement floor hard once again.

“You vile intruder! You coward! You’ll never have what it takes to defeat me!” shrieked Zarya
“I think I have heard those words once before if i’m not mistaken.” said Crystal smiling
“Oh, but this time it is I who has been victorious. For I have acquired what I came here for.” replied Zarya

Before Crystal could do anything further, Zarya uttered a word in the same out of this world language she used in the beginning. Red smoke started to appear around her and envelop her figure.

“Just you wait Crystal. I’ll have my revenge on you soon enough. When you least expect it.” gasped an injured Zarya

Then in a blink of an eye, she was gone. There was nothing left besides her blood on the floor and Crystal’s arrows.

“Well that was interesting. Angel did you manage to swipe the amulet off Zarya during our battle?” asked Crystal

“Yes teacher.” replied Angel

“Splendid work Angel! I assume Zarya is getting too old for her senses now a days. Don’t take it out, just keep it in your pouch for now. We’ll deal with it later.” said Crystal

Angel seemed like a younger archer. Maybe within my age actually. She had the same get up as Crystal. However she had a paler skin tone than Crystal and light blue eyes. She seemed like a pretty quiet and obedient girl. Crystal then turned her attention to Kevin and me.

“Alright now time to take care of our guests here. What is your name?” said Crystal while untying me.
“Um, Alex. Alex Smith.” replied Alex

At this, Crystal raised an eyebrow. She then lookeed towards Angel who had the same shocked expression.

“Um, is everything alright? Was it something I said? I didn’t mean to offend you guys.” Alex said quickly
“Alex. No it possibly couldn’t be the same one. Can it?” whispered Crystal
“Teacher, I think this the person that they have been looking for. He seemed to have a violent reaction to the amulet whenever it's in his presence, just as they said he did. We must take him back to get him tested. It is the only way to make sure.” said Angel
“I’m not quite following what you guys are saying right now. Is everything okay? Where are you going to take me?” said Alex worriedly

Crystal grabbed my shoulders gently and looked me in the eyes.

“Alex, if you are who you say you are. Then we’re taking you home. Where you really belong.” replied Crystal with visible tears running down her cheeks
Procrastinated/Rushed Short Story for School
Hey so as the title suggests, this is a short story I wrote for school. It's not even finished really. But, i'm pretty proud of it since I managed to write the whole thing in a day. Oh and please disregard the title, I came up with it literally last minute because I needed one. This is the first time I've ever written a short story so, it's probably not that great, but heck i'm proud of it :D If you do decide to read it, you could probably tell that I drew a lot of inspiration from the Percy Jackson Series. Maybe a little too much actually... Oh wells I just hope at least someone finds this a tiny bit interesting.
Minnie Mouse Drawing
This was a drawing requested by my little sister. She seemed to like it; hopefully you do too :D
Realistic Cat Drawing
This was my very first attempt at drawing a realistic cat. It was definitely hard for a noobie like me, but I think it turned out okay. I only used a pencil for the dark outlines and a mechanical pencil for the fur. Please let me know what you think. Hope you like it :D
This took pretty much the whole day to make because I'm such a noob. I got super inspired by Acooma's profile pic that I wanted to make a similar styled drawing of my dream soldier loadout in tf2 :D This was made from purely pencil because that's the only thing I have for drawing stuff :P I'm really sorry about the pencil smudges; Hope it isn't too bad.


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